The Company

Actual members of the company are proud to be the third generation of  quarrymen dedicated to the granite  extraction and manufacture , beginning from the  handmade methods  in the 30’s until the first tecnique process,  which takes in 1970 to the sawn system  and mechanical  manufacture of granite.

In 1990 it is moved  to its actual situation  where 2’800 metres of production plants  are being built , which in 2004 with the enlargement, increase the area  facilities to 5’100  square metres in a plot of 100,000 square metres.This gives an idea of the investor  effort  made in technology, security, environment and personal training, due to the fact that any production  improvement should be accompanied by an improvement  of the human resources, and in this field , our staff is  a model of efficency and proffesionalism.

All this proof of technique progress is reflected on the enlargement and improvement of our products catalogue and the best costumer attention , which is in short the final consignee of our effort.

The Quarries

Located in the south of Villacastín, they present/display fronts of great length of which blocks of great size are extracted.
The safe volumes of mining reserves are superior to 2 million cubic meters .
The experience of our professionals along with the modern machinery and the new techniques of extraction allow an operation that the future guarantees of our quarries and the respect by environment.