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Commercial Register of Segovia
Volume 31
Folio 82
Page nº 620
1st Registration
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Contents, software, images, sounds, texts, and photographs of Prados Quemada  S.L, or others reflected in the Website are protected by the Real Order in Council 1/1996 of the intellectual property law, these contents are specially protected by the 12th article mentioned on the Real Order in Council as the data collections.
Reproduction, distribution, public comunication and transformation of this property is completely banned, except for express and written authority from Prados Quemada S.L.
No authorised utilisation of this intellectual property will give penal and civilian responsiblities and others legally established.
Prados Quemada will not be responsible of the user website infringements which affect others’ rights.
Prados Quemada reserves itself the property rights of logos , commercial names and corporative image, although these are used in a nonprofit way or commercial purposes, just when they are included in other websites or give access to Prados Quemada  S.L. property.


Prados Quemada S.L. cannot guarantee the accuracy of links in the access time.
Places reached by links are developped and supported by external personal to Prados Quemada S.L., so, it does not take any responsibility of contents from these links.
Casual references made on this website to: any product, service, link, hipertext or any other information using brand, commercial name , manufacturer or provider, etc, which are others titularity do not imply support, sponsorship or recommendation by Prados Quemada S.L.


Prados Quemada does not guarantee that any information, software or material with access from this website are free of virus.
Each time you enter to the Prados Quemada S.L website you may insure yourself of having check the website contents, that it has been updated and modified with the forced legislation applied.


Prados Quemada  S.L. does not guarantee the constant and entire access to the information contained in its websites, or the correct visualization, utilisation and unloading, due to the fact that this guarantee could be conditioned by external factors of the company control.
Information contained in this website is just informative and can not be considered as contractual clause or advertising without misprints.
This information contained does not replace the official one, which has to be obtained by the traditional canals.
Prados Quemada S.L. does not certify that its net servers are exempt of virus, or any other malignant program.
Prados Quemada  S.L . puts all its technology in order to prevent the access of these virus to your systems and its transmission to the society websites.Nevertheless,it does not make itself responsible of possible damages from the access or non-access to your websites.
Prados Quemada  S.L. forbid, except for written and express authorisation,the inclusion of contents from its websites in other websites and the use of frames in order to see others websites which can be considered disallowed reproduction and derived creation of work, without the authorisation of the original author.


Users will not be able to use information and contents from the website of Prados Quemada  S.L. to commercial or advertising purposes.
Reproduction, transmission,distribution,alteration of the website, information, design or any other content in any way or system is disallowed.
Possible conflicts about this website will be governed by the Spain and Segovia Legislation, being the jury and the  Court of Segovia  the only competents to understand about it.
Users accept the present conditions and certify their reading and comprehension.
Prados Quemada reserves itself the rights to modify the current conditions without notice.